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The lawyers at Edmond & Baum understand that you want local representation. Having an attorney that can meet with you in person and understand your case goes a long way for building trust and value. We make sure that you have a professional, yet personal relationship with our firm so we can represent you the individual - not you the case.

Our Practice Areas

Business Law

Starting a business? Not sure where to start? There are many options: Corporations, LLCs, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and many more. Let us help you flourish while also protecting you and your family.

Estate Planning

Having a well-organized estate plan is the ticket to protecting loved ones when you’re gone. You have the power. Rely on our experience to create a successful plan just for you.

Oil and Gas Law

Our region is a hotbed for Natural Gas development, generating wealth for mineral owners and operators alike. We have the tools and experience to help you get the most out of your interest.

Criminal Law

Innocent until proven guilty. It is what our court system is built on. It is not just a mantra, but a way of life. Ensure that your rights are not violated. Let us fight for you.

Real Estate Title

Whether you are buying or selling, a title search is the best way to ensure you get what you pay for. Don’t pay for the mistakes of others. Use our experience to your advantage.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one is injured, we are here to help. Our attorneys are able to help with car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice cases.

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