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The Law Office of Edmond & Baum PLLC is dedicated to serving and protecting the rights and interests of our clients. We are taking cases in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio serving the people and businesses of the Ohio Valley in all areas of law. Our attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that is valuable in preparing and handling your case. We understand that each situation is unique. You can be confident the law office of Edmond & Baum will professionally handle your case with the utmost care, attention, and zeal. If you are looking for excellence & integrity in legal representation, let Edmond & Baum fight for you! Contact Edmond & Baum to set up your free consultation today!

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Our experienced team has put in the hours of education, on-going training, and practical use. When you work with Edmond and Baum, you get years of experience and legal knowledge.
We understand seeking legal help is not a fun experience. In many situations, you are forced to work directly with a lawyer to right a wrong or fix a legal problem. We take the time to listen so we can understand your specific scenario.
We don't expect you to understand every legal requirement, but we know you want to be informed. Our team of attorneys work with you every step of the way and make sure you are never asking "what should I be doing". We communicate so we always moving in the same direction.
Being local makes us available for meetings, face-to-face conversations, and consultations. We make ourselves available to our clients when they need legal advise or counsel. Although we aren't always publicly available, we communicate our open hours and best times to work together.
It's important that you understand fees and charges associated with our services. We are always looking to help you win a legal battle or complete a legal task in an efficient manner. We are on the same team and value your partnership.

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